File extension rc2 is used by following file type(s):

File extension rc2 file type 1 description:
Microsoft Visual Studio Visual C/C++ non-compilable resource script file

The RC2 file extension is associated with C/C++ programming language. The .rc2 files are used for resource script files by various software compilers and contain instructions on how to compile the program source files.

Some of the Application Wizards generate an .rc2 resource file in addition to the standard .rc resource file. This .RC2 file is not intended to be compiled by the Resource Compiler; actually, it contains resources that the Resource Compiler does not handle. Examples include the HI_RES_AWARE custom resource and Menu Resource Data (RCDATA). The .RC2 file is a great place for other custom resources that shouldnt be edited by the Resource Compiler.

that open rc2 files:
Adobe ExtendScript (Microsoft Windows)
C++ Builder (Microsoft Windows)
Microsoft Visual Studio (Microsoft Windows)


File extension rc2 file type 2 description:
ReCycle audio loop

File extension used by ReCycle. Contains audio loops.

that open rc2 files:
ReCycle (multiplatform software)